Monday, June 28, 2010

Hedgehog Cupcakes: A mini how-to

My daughter loves hedgehogs. While she was on a trip to So Cal a friend bought her a hedgehog cupcake from a bakery. So, of course, when she came home she had to make hedgehog cupcakes.
Yummy and cute! They are easy enough to make with your kids.

You will need: caramels, mini chocolate chips, confetti sprinkles, sliced almonds, toasted coconut, chocolate frosting and cupcakes.
  1. Frost a cupcake with chocolate frosting. Don't skimp, you need the frosting to hold the head and the coconut on.
  2. Top cupcake with toasted coconut. Gently press into frosting or your hedgehog will shed.
  3. Form a caramel into a cone for the head. Press well into the frosting.
  4. Attach mini chocolate chips with a dab of frosting for eyes. You can put a little bit of frosting in a zip lock baggie and snip a tiny hole in the corner to make small dabs to attach eyes and noses.
  5. Attach a small confetti sprinkle with a dab of frosting for the nose.
  6. Add sliced almonds just behind the head for ears.
  7. Admire your little creation before devouring.
Very yummy, very cute!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Wedding Quilt

It looks better in real life. This is a quilt I made in less than 3 weeks for a wedding present. It measures about 60"x60" and is quilted with a double wedding ring pattern. While it's not a complicated pattern, the color is very pleasing to the eye. My family was rather sad that I gave it away. So was I. We really liked it.I always have mixed feelings about giving this sort of a present. I'm never sure the recipients fully appreciate what it takes to put together a gift like this. My immediate family on the other hand, actually see first hand what it takes and absolutely love to get one of my quilts as a gift. In fact, they often ask who's it for in hopes I'll say it's for them.