Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Scrappy-Me Three

Well this is the forth quilt I've finished this year. The first is a picture of the overall quilt. The second picture is a detail of the border. Sometimes borders just add the right finishing touch. This quilt has a polyester batting in it, so it is a bit fluffier than some of my other quilts. I prefer to use warm and natural or flannel as the batting. One thing to note is the scrap pile is a bit smaller. Well the scraps are much now much smaller pieces. I'll have to make some smaller scrappy projects. I really like these fabric baskets. I keep making them but they don't stick around. They make great gifts and gift baskets.

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Rebecca said...

Absolutely beautiful! I hope to start my first quilt soon, so I love the inspriration! I just need to get better about getting straight lines and even cuts before I dare start!