Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Show

The above image is the mailer for this year's Craft Art Market. It's held every year between Thanksgiving and New Year's. I was surprised to find they used my "art". Hopefully sales will be better this year than last year. My "art" tends to be whimsical rather than useful or traditional. It's suppose to be fun, like bring a smile to your face, fun.
Here's the picture I took of the "Dotty Jester" a few months before the show. He was originally made as a challenge for the Central Coast Art Doll Club, which I am very involved in. Actually right now I'm the president. This is one of the most kick back but stimulating activities I do. The hardest part of being president is actually keeping everyone focused on the meeting at hand. The "other " conversations are very interesting. Probably more so than the current business we are trying to accomplish. In spite of this we actually accomplish a lot. We do a variety of challenges and projects every year. More importantly everyone has a great time. Lots of smiles!

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