Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Little Bird

January seems to be bird themed. The inspiration for this bird came from a very cute piece of Japanese fabric I bought recently. This silly looking bird is about 4" tall and his feet are made from paper clips. My daughter got me a wigjig for Christmas. I think she was hoping I'd make jewelry with it. It worked great for bird feet.

In case you're wondering why the very long gap in posts. First it was Christmas. I made at least 20 different batches of cookies in a very few days time. Then there was the few presents I made. I wasn't able to photograph them. There just wasn't enough time. Then just a couple of weeks ago my computer got a virus that took out windows. I'm still recovering data from the other drive. In fact, I just retrieved my pictures a couple of days ago. I hope that never happens again. It is very inconvenient.

For the new year, I have quite a list of projects. I'm looking forward to sharing them here. Blogging about my finished projects really helps to keep me inspired.

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claudiasburningink said...

Oh this little bird is just adorable!