Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now-Well I Could Then

January a time for renewal and cleaning. Yep, I finally thoroughly cleaned and reorganized my studio. For the first time in months you could actually see the flat surfaces, walk through the room without hopping over the piles and find those lost works in progress. Everything got put away in its proper place. This means I will probably spend a lot of time looking for everything because it's not where I remember leaving it.

Of course it's always hard to start a new project in a clean space. You don't want to make a mess after spending many, many, many hours cleaning it. But this is no longer a problem. My daughter cut out a puppet from black long pile faux fur. Let me tell you, it makes more black dust bunnies than the dog ever did. I'll be vacuuming up black fuzzies for a long time. They even float out the front door. (I vacuumed a bunch off the outside front door mat.)

Good thing I took this picture on the very day I finished cleaning it.

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pam said...

It is always a boost to have a space looking like this - even if it is only once a year! My space usually deteriorates just as fast as yours!