Monday, February 21, 2011

Giveaway-Ladybug Brooch

Ladybug brooch-close up
It seems I missed a great brooch swap at Creative Kismet. Embellished brooches are one of my specialties. I love making them. I love wearing them. So to make up for not being able to participate in the swap, I"ve decided to participate in the giveaway part of the swap.

Here are the details. I'm giving away this cute ladybug brooch. It's my newest. She could use a name. So please, for a chance to win a ladybug brooch wrapped in a cute gift bag, similar to the one in the previous post, please leave a suggestion for a name. Winner will be picked at random on Friday, Feb 25th. Thanks.


jmbmommy said...

My boys and I think that is DEFINITELY "love bug". It is very cute!

kristin said...

oh she is so sweet and just screams of springtime (which i'm craving desperately at the moment). as for a name, i've always loved how you say ladybug in spanish...which is Mariquita, which i think would make a lovely name for yours.

Scattered Leaves said...

Felicity comes to mind when I look at the lovely little lady bug. I am glad you are participating in the give-away! Hope you get tons of entries for the sweet lady bug.

S. said...

Wow, I'm your first commenter! Maybe that will bring me luck :) Your ladybug brooch is lovely, I think either Lucy or Dotty would be suitable as a name :)
Thank you for your generosity and a chance to win.
Warm greetings from Mexico~

Arborescence said...

Oh, I love names! How about Kiyoshi?

Mandy said...

This is adorable! Makes be think of my daughter who we call Ladybug. They could swap names and you could call yours Andi Grace :). My Bug would love this, great job!

greetingarts said...

Oh, that's adorable. My first thought was Bella, because she is very beautiful! Bella Bug.

And your daughter's right, those are nice, picturesque, dark green weeds you got there... :0)

Amanda Pedro said...

love the hearts on the bug. just check out my blog header to see what i mean!

How about hearty bug, instead of lady bug?
love it!
thanks for sharing

pam said...

Whew! I am so glad I took a few minutes today to do a little catching up!

"Sweet Bug" - that is what I would name her! Absolutely adorable BTW. Someone will be very lucky to win your beautiful bug.