Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Bunny Puppet Pattern

Wooden Spoon Bunny Puppet.

Here's a free pattern for a bunny puppet made from a wooden spoon. I wasn't planning on making wooden spoon puppets. My daughter bought several packages of wooden spoons from the dollar store for her puppet making project. Of course, when she was done she left the extras in my studio. They were just lying there saying please paint me. Not sure why I picked bunnies but I did.

About a week after I designed them, I was in Anthropology and saw the cutest display of wooden utensils with painted faces. The bamboo fork faces had spiky hair. I'm going to have to get some of those bamboo forks. They might make fun monster puppets.

Bunny Wooden Spoon Puppet

A few adjustments would make them a kid friendly project. You could glue them together except where the wooden spoon is inserted. Two layers of felt could be used instead of fabric with interfacing and one layer of felt. If you are going to make them to use in potted plants, I would use a sealer on the handle of the spoon.

Not only were these easy and fun to make. Made with a scrap of fabric, some paint, glue and a wooden spoon from the dollar store they are also a very inexpensive craft project. So there you have it, a wooden spoon bunny puppet pattern.

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Hi and thanks for your recent comment on my bias binding tutorial. You will have to check the chart (link provided in my post) to see how much binding you can get from a fat quarter. It will depend on how wide you want the binding also!

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